“Always questioning, challenging and reflecting Anjit puts forward some remarkably sophisticated theories about the future of the universe, the environment, technology and the human race that would make even the world’s most eminent scientists stop and think.”

As Prof. Karen Pine expresses in her foreword, this book is about those very powerful imaginings of Anjit that will captivate children and adults alike:

  • Time Travel should be possible by extending time.
  • Robots might take over our world one day, and find other worlds.
  • Why only one? There could be many universes.
  • Population growth is going to impact us in many different ways.
  • We are currently at the second out of ten levels of technology.
  • One day, we will be able to destroy space; and create perfect universes.
Review published in the children section of a leading daily newpaper
Photographs from the book launching evening
Children constantly surprise us. Anjit is a talented writer whose thought provoking thinking illustrates the abilities of young people. At Little Angel Press we are delighted to introduce this book to the UK. This will be such an inspiration for young people everywhere.
- Robert Hart
I felt honoured to examine Anjit’s thoughts and was reminded that adults have so much to gain from listening to young people and learning from them, as I have from reading these delightful pages.
- Professor Karen Pine Developmental Psychologist University of Hertfordshire
Dear Anjit,
I love your book "imagine". I like all your questions like what will happen in a 100 years or is there such thing as aliens. And you are only 12!

Dear Anjit,
Your book is so amazing it makes you think about general things in life but in a way that we don't think about. And to think that a boy aged 12 could write such an amazing thing! Your book is an interesting story that I will think about through the rest of my life! - Suzie

You are a really good writer and your book "imagine" is cool it makes you think about all your questions and I think you could do an Imagine2!

I like your front page and your book. Your book makes me think about the world. Everybody should be careful and I do believe most of the stories. I think the title makes you want to read the book. Well Done!

He has made me think about what I would do and it makes me imagine. I do agree with everything he has written because it is true. I like the title "imagine" because all the stuff in the book makes you imagine.

Dear Anjit,
I like your book "imagine" it makes us think about the things you talk about I agree with you some of your answerers but not all of them.
- From the children of St. Mary's Primary School, Folkestone
This book has an amazing feeling to it and answers all the deep feelings inside you and uncovers the impossible questions of life. Remarkably this book is written by an incredibly clever 12 year old, named Anjit Tandukar. He gives his opinions about the things we know about the Earth in this book, things like global warming and lives on different planets. He makes you think and shows adults that children have an amazing understanding of the world too.

Anjit Tandukar is 12 years old and was born in Nepal 1997 and he is a very different and special young boy. His unique understanding of life is mesmerizing when he explains the levels of technology. He explains what he thinks will happen many years forward when humans have adapted to more technology and have evolved to be almost supernatural.

Anjit thinks we are on level 2 which means we’ve programmed machines but can’t create artificial technology. In addition to this he goes on to say that the highest level is level 10, which he says, we know the mysteries of life and can perform and create any technology while also seeing (maybe) alien life forces.

Anjit also gives opinions on different problems that are developing in the world. He talks about how we have many problems like the future overgrowth of humans, climate change, disappearing glaciers and jungles being chopped down and wildlife lost. 

Anjit delivers a real message when you read the book and it makes you think twice about life and about how much pollution you spread. However, somethings he says I think are far too deep and personal. I think he should accept areas of life and stop questioning and just live life and progress through struggles.

Anjit is a child with a gift, which is to express his ideas in life in a profound and adult way, it sounds as if he is 35 (or older). Although, he’s extraordinarily intellectual, he does the everyday things regular 12 year old would do, like playing on the Wii and computer which he relishes because of the advancement in technology for children.  He thinks there should be less written work at school and more activity based lessons where you can explore your subjects without the stress of getting it wrong. 

I disagree in some respects with Anjit because I do believe there should be time to do written work and I hope in the future written work will not be overtaken by technology, as this would be a real shame and loss to the history of literature. Anjit also mentions about the deeper questions in life. He asks if we have many births and if we do, does this mean we never die? 

He goes further and questions if we feel the same in each birth. I find this area quite ridiculous because I believe that there is only one birth and at the end of your life when you die, you go to heaven or hell. Anjit asks these questions but thinks does anyone know the answers, how do you find out? He then says if God knows, who told God? In my opinion, this where your faith comes in, Christians believe in God and Muslims believe in Allah.

Overall, I thought the book was good and it made me think deeply about whom I am and how I become part of society. I would recommend it to all young readers and adults as this is a remarkable read.
- Tobias Francis, Blundells School, Tiverton
I enjoyed reading the book “imagine”. I found it interesting reading Anjit’s views on life, God, extinction, nature, time travel, and technology. In his book Anjit talks about the way the world was created and how it will end. He challenges the theories of scientists and puts through his own ideas about the planet.

I particularly liked the part about who will rule the world when humans are gone – whether it will be dolphins, insects, elephants or aliens. In his book, Anjit talks a lot about God and if he exists and if he does how? He leaves it up to the reader to decide whether they believe his theories or not.

Anjit talks about levels of technology for instance Level 2 – the level we as humans are at. Touch screens and compact design are becoming ever more popular. The thinner a TV or phone the better. Interactive gaming and 3D films are being used in even simpler and more imaginative ways.
- Harriet Nash, Blundells Schools, Tiverton
The book when i read amazed me - how you could think all those things when you are just 12... may be true - kids are imaginative and thinks original.
- Anonymous
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